You may have seen this posted on Craigslist too

1982 Yamaha Virago 750cc. Shaft driven
Ran great last year. It has decent tires, and its in decent shape. It hasn't been raced or ridden like irresponsibly.
The paint is alright but has no badges. Tank is red/maroon and the black is lightly flaking away where the seat meets the tank.
The horn leaves something to be desired. I'd recommend a replacement as when it was operational it was obnoxiously quiet.

Bike was vandalized and will need repair. It was parked in a parking lot and was backed into. After that it ran with half the power it originally had ran and the electric starter no longer worked. The problem is that these bikes don't have a kick start so I had to bump start it after that.

While waiting for the opportunity to repair it the gauge windows were broken. The gauges are intact and operational but they will need new clear pieces of plastic over them. Also, the handle bars were slightly bent. A little elbow grease would bend them out properly.

Over all this is a good, solid bike. If I had the know-how to get it running again I would. This was my first bike and its heartbreaking to have to give it up.

I have no pictures but if you do a Google images search for this bike shows that it looks like every other bike out there.

Will need to be taken away on a trailer or the back of a truck. Theres not going to be any magic to turn it over. Its stored at a friend's place in New West so I'd have to meet you to arrange pick up.

Email for more information or if you are a mechanic who can work some miracles to raise it from the dead. I may be able to afford a couple of hundred dollars to bring it back to life but nothing beyond that.