FS: Pure Energy 3000 psi 48cu airtank
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Thread: FS: Pure Energy 3000 psi 48cu airtank

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    FS: Pure Energy 3000 psi 48cu airtank

    Brand, steel airtank used once or twice. Hydrotest date is 2009.

    Not quite sure if you can use these things for nitrous, but people fill them with nitrogen.. so I guess it shouldn't be a problem.

    $115 obo.

    Oh, and it's black, with a gauge to 4000 on the neck of it.

    ^ Not quite the same, but close.

    Edit: Actually, whatever. Just shoot me an offer, and I'll think about it.
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    Nobody plays paintball?

    Anyhoo, shoot me any offer you like, just priced to sell now. :]

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