Where to start with kids?
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Thread: Where to start with kids?

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    Exclamation Where to start with kids?

    Hi, I have a soon to be 6 year old who is infatuated with dirt bikes. He does quite well on a regular bike (attempts to pull endos and wheelies) and as his other interests have come and gone, his interest in dirtbikes remains.

    I have no experience with dirtbikes whatsoever but I don't want my lack of knowledge to hold him back from finding his true passion.

    I am in Ohio and looking for some kind of school or riding rental facility so that I can get him on a bike. I figure that is step one. Get him on a bike somewhere with someone who can give him the basics. If he finds it isn't as wonderful as he thought, we can move on to his next big adventure. If he finds it is something he loves, then we can move forward (and I will be back with tons more questions).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. With summer FINALLY approaching, I would like to start getting a plan together to get him riding in some sort of fashion.

    Thanks for reading - If you have any insite to share, I would greatly appreciate it.


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    I have taught kids as young as 3 but at 6 he is at a good age to start. There are lots of little bikes available and with some you can even put on trainning wheels.
    I would start by going to your local bike shops and asking who rides dirt bikes, look at the posters and find out where some weekend races are. then go out and start meeting people that are doing what you are wanting.
    There are lots of nice people in this sport. someone will point you in the right direction. Have fun!
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