r6/r1 stock exhaust fit on a 01' f4i??!?
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Thread: r6/r1 stock exhaust fit on a 01' f4i??!?

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    r6/r1 stock exhaust fit on a 01' f4i??!?

    hi i was wondering if a r6/r1 stock exhaust would fit on a 01f4i for an exhaust cut project? has any f4i owners done this? im looking for a shortie look and louder than stock sound thanks and if any r6/r1 stock exhaust owners want to sell/GIVE me one feel free to do so

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    a year of R6/R1 might help because the varying years use varying set ups. for instance, the new R6 uses a short underbelly system that would be a nightmare to even think about adapting to an F4i due to it using a pre-silencer and very specific header and bodywork cut to match, the new R1 uses dual undertail cans which would also be a nightmare to adapt to an F4i however an older,say 2002 R6 uses a regular style can that could be cut down to be a shorty and fit onto an F4i with some welding and fabbing and same for say a pre 03 R1. why would you want to use a Yamaha muffler specifically on a Honda?? why not just get a can for you Honda and cut it down??
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