Monster in the toilet!!
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Thread: Monster in the toilet!!

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    Monster in the toilet!!

    This is one of my favorite jokes from Maxim...

    A guy has been sitting at the bar and having a few drinks until he realizes he has to go use the washroom. He staggers over, goes inside and then a minute later he rushes out and yells to the bartender "I was taking a shit and when I went to go flush the toilet... Something jumped up and bit my balls!!!". A little curious, the bartender accompanies him into the washroom where he asks what happened. The drunk man points and says "See... I sat there on the toilet... Took a dump... Tried to flush and that's when the thing jumped out of the toilet and bit my balls...". The bartender looks over and exclaims "You damned idiot! You sat on the mop bucket!!".
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    Ha Ha (guess his balls are clean)!!

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