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    F/S project bikes

    1998 kawasaki zx7-r 85% completed
    need headlight , turn signal, front fender and clutch level.
    then MVI under 20k (i will check and post with picture)
    come with savage title need inspection and icbc assig vin after repair
    completed custom tri-code white with front nose black and white
    polished rear arm and linkages area
    come with extra part, fuel tank, r.r tail piece and front suspensions
    $3500 firm.
    picture coming this weekend

    2005 suzuki gxsr-1000 have savage title 50% comleted
    frame cracked, front wheel bent and one fork bent, it did not come with front end parts when i purchased. I already take most broken part the off the bike
    the bike have around 4-6k consider the rear tire is still not to bad....
    I have all the front end part like new wheel & tire (mount and balanced) front fork assembly, headlight , front stay, speedo dash, air intake cover, tubes,
    still have old crush fairing in the box..
    you will need clutch level(around $90oem), set of fairing(650-1200 depend), brake resv($10) clutch level($30pair), stator cover($110 oem) for the engine, frame(?600-up?), and left mirror/signal assembly($80 a pair), headlight wiring harness$30 from ebay
    I order the frame but it did not show up and it is taking too much of my time & money. My wife is give me hard time...so I have put them up for sale....
    $4500 firm

    zx7r picture
    gsxr1000 picture
    more picture coming in few days

    if you have question or want see it in person please contact me
    Paul 604-728-8978 I am located in surrey around PRS school
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