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    Private Insurance Question

    Hey people,

    I was talking to a buddy today and we were talking about private insurance. He heard an unconfirmed rumour that there is a private insurance company that allows a certain amount of days that you are allowed to ride your bike when you have a STORAGE policy.

    Has anyone else heard about this? Or does anyone know what company possibly may offer this?

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    i remember hearing something about that but i think it was more along the lines for trail riding. Some sort of storage/logging road insurance

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    Ya what happens at least with Beacon and I think Megson Fitzpatrick is that you're only buying the physical coverage so you still need the ICBC portion to have your bike on the road. So if you say buy a beacon policy and insure your bike via ICBC for 6 months when that 6 months is up you store your bike. Welll you have the fire/theft because your Beacon policy is still in effect so when you want to go for a 1 day ride you pop down and put a 1 day permit on the bike an voila...

    This is all totally different to an ICB storage policy, Then your bike is NOT insured for the road and you would again have to go buy a 1 day permit with FULL coverage if you want collision etc. then you could go ride.

    Hope this clears things up a tax

    Check there lots of links to ICBC etc.

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