On a more serious note... could this happen where you live? These are normal folk - everyday people... listen to their stories and decide if you want the government to take away your right to protect yourself and your family... it's about 30 minutes long, and it's pretty scary - especially towards the end.... You'll have to make it through the subtitles, but it's worth it...



This is an unbelievably compelling video (subtitled in English) by Hungarian journalist Pesty Laszlo. It chronicles the response of the Police to the numerous public demonstrations which took place in the fall of 2006 in Budapest, Hungary after the Hungarian government was exposed for lying to the country's people.

If you think that freedom is "free", think again. Watch this video and decide if this could happen where you live.

What's the point of serving a video if 99% of the world can't understand it? We went to great lengths to convert this video with English subtitles so that the world could see it. Originally served on ludicrously slow Eastern European servers in small snippets, not subtitled, we've ghettoed it together into one 30 minute segment for all to see - it's a message and a story that needs to be told.

The original video minus the subtitles, delivered in slow Eastern European mode can be found online here: http://www.pestylaszlo.com/

Take a hard look and decide for yourself if you ever want to visit this country and give it your hard earned money.