Road report: Spanish Banks
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    Road report: Spanish Banks

    Along the beach and into UBC is a popular city ride, so
    - FYI on a giant pothole (position 3) just past the pkg lots as you head west up the hill. Big and deep enough to easily give you a superman over the bars.
    - Second speedtrap I've seen at that small pkg lot on the right, a bit into the straightaway. Everyone's favourite spot in the city to really hit it. They're setting up there often now. Nice long lineup to get your ticket today.

    Don't let this stuff spoil a good couple of days right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by frontside5 View Post
    They're setting up there often now.

    Yeah, cuz 2010 is lacking funding.

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    yea i was dere today n its pretty bad. dere potholes along that whole road along the beach. they shud fix that shit in the winter so when spring comes around we can ride our bikes

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    Didnt you guys know they still do accessments during the winter... you probably seen them. The block off one lane, have one person directing traffic while 5 guys stare a hole. Later on in the spring they come with backup (7 guys) to fix it. No but really its been a worse winter so you can really expect alot more pot holes. Ive seen them everywhere and never noticed so many and theyre big ones too. Ride safe guys as its gonna take a while for the city to fix em all.

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    dere r potholes all de place some big as cratrs. the city gots to fix em so all us riders dont fall. all dese guys stare a hole cz sdjh uht isddj nvmny gruit zub...

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