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    Bikes and a whole lot more.... bikes that is

    When I went out to check the lead on a Katana / Gixxer-750 I decided to bring my cam. Mainly the cam was to snap pics and see what u guys thought, but I was takin pics of other project bikes and neglected to snap mine! o well you will see it soon in my pic. heheh... and so I thought since Connelly is unable to post his works in progress or finished bikes due to not owning a PC (thank god honestly..) he's just got his bikes allover in various stages of completion and seems like the most down to earth guy.. We don't need computers or the net! it's just that once you have it, it's damn near impossible to let go. Anwaaaaaays you guys have done lots for me already and i'm very appreciative.
    so I'm here on the North Shore if anyone needs anything. Anything.. like even if you need to help a noob learn some cool bike tricks! I can be that noob!

    His tel# is 840-3462 (778 area code)
    his top one is done and ready to go. I think he's asking 5k o.b.o for it.
    The 2 under it he is still not sure the direction he will take them. But if you have interest in it, im sure he has interest in your money. They just won't be ready A.S.A.P
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    oops I just realized I mis-typed his phone #... the 6 is supposed to be a 5.... and i'm goin there on Sunday am am gonna help this old timer get himself online. He's got tons of bikes.. mainly gsxr based. Hopefully I'll put up more pics of bikes for sale soon. Anyways again i'm sorry.. a lil late seeing my error, but at least I did.

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