Alright! I have for sale a 1989 Chevrolet Cavalier Z24, I am looking for a truck and/or cash...please read on LOTS of info and test done on this car email me for more info or questions

1989 Chevrolet Cavailer Z24 5spd

-2.8 L V-6...205,000kms
-Compression Test done...Leakdown 1 8%/2 7%/3 3%/4 13%/5 20%/6 7% all well within specs
-Fuel Pressure spec
-Master oil pressure test...Pass
-Injector's Tested a 4-5 ohms...Pass
-NEW Coolant temp sensor
-NEW Oil pressure sending unit
-NEW O2 sensor
-NEW Map sensor
-NEW Egr Valve
-NEW Ignition Control Module
-Fresh oil and filter
-Fresh Coolant
-NEW Battery
-NEW Battery Cables
-K&N Intake
-NEW Spark Plugs
-NEW Catalyitic Convertor
-MagnaFlow Muffler
-Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
-NEW Fuel fillter
-Recent Transaxle fluid change
-Powersteering fluid change
-Powersteering box seal
-As you can see the ENTIRE motor has been looked over...runs like a top..see vid below

-Red with Custom Decals and Silver Ground Effects
-New Fiber glass cowl hood
-AVS Headlight covers
-NEW Driver/Passenger Door locks
-Replaced rear brake lines

-Tinted Windows..Side, Rear side, and Rear
-New Ignition Tumbler
-Gray Cloth, Bucket Seats

-Z24's are known for not doing well in aircare and this one passed with zeros across almost the hole bored even the testers were amazed

-Headliner is droping(glue melted)
-No stereo
-Heatercore Bypassed
-Couple small dents in body...paint faded in some...but most paint is AWSOME
-Deck lid lock does not work...Need to open manuly
-Motor mounts are worn
-Gonna need breaks soon
-Shift knob is loose...Just need a screw havent got around to looking for one

So as you can see LOTS of money spent on this car, id say all you need is rims...ONLY reson i am selling is becasue i want to get into racing and need a truck to haul the bike around..So cash or truck...and well if you got somthing cool..mabey ill try that..Thanxs for your time

Heres some pics and a video...