Garmin 2610 Screen Issues
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Thread: Garmin 2610 Screen Issues

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    Garmin 2610 Screen Issues

    I have had a few issues in the past with the 2610's screen. Note this also happens to the 2730, 2820, etc and any others with the same style box

    Here is what happens

    A misty line of moisture develops across the screen making the display difficult to read. I posted this issue on LD rider yesterday and other riders worldwide have responded with the same issue. Some like me have had multiple screen issues and replacements from Garmin

    Here is what you do

    1. Call Garmin on the regular not the toll free line ( it is way faster most times) Thanks in advance for the one of you who will call on the 800 line and get through - that is good news for you spare us the "savings story" most of us can afford a 5 minute call to the USA to save a 35 minute wait on average

    2. Tell them that you have this "wet screen fogging" issue and you need to send your GPS back for repair/replacement. Tell them that you have a US shipping address and that if asked that you don't want to deal with the Quebec firm who handles Canadian warranty claims. Why? Garmin 10 day turnaround on average, Quebec firm much much longer - once for me it was 14 weeks

    3. Send it off as they instruct (UPS INSURED)and yes you pay for shipping. Keep your letter to Garmin so it will be a warranty repair and no tax etc when you pick it up at border

    I hope that helps some of you out. At present both of our 2610's are off for replacement due to this wet screen thing. It is not a big deal just inconvenient but the manufacturer deals with it for the consumer.
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