Quick question about suzuki GSX600F, katana 2001.
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Thread: Quick question about suzuki GSX600F, katana 2001.

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    Thumbs up Quick question about suzuki GSX600F, katana 2001.

    Do you guys know wut the average price for

    2001 suzuki gsx600f katana is? i'm about to sell my bike..

    and i have no idea how much i should let it go for..

    The bike has 19000km's.... As for accidents, bike was dropped

    once on its side, therefore the bike was painted when I got the

    bikes' body work repaired....not thru i.c.b.c. I got it done at a

    body shop. Not a rebuild..

    So please tell me wut the reasonable price for this bike will be..

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    what colour?

    I'll give you a dollar for it....

    j/k my GF needs a bike like that.... do a google for blue book pricing.... will give you an idea... also take a look on craigs list to find out what others are asking... if its a rare bike on the the market you'll get more... like sv650's seem hard to find right nw

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    maybe bout 4 grand
    R.I.P. Danimal

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