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    Hi Guys!
    Do you ever take a moment to think about how far technology has come?I did last night during one of my late night pondering sessions,I have a bad case of insomnia.I've come to the conclusion that I could put my waking nights to positive use.I spend alot of time chatting to people all over the world
    in chat rooms,educating myself in all sorts of sites about interesting things,playing online poker and
    getting a head start on my next days work (meaning I usually get home an hour or two earlier the next day,haha!!!)
    Just to think that if technology wasnt what it is today,I'd probably just be watching the clock all night.I may look like a slapped bottom the next day.But no sinlge second goes to waste during these long nights.Do any of you have a similar 'problem'?What do you do?

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    So you were surfing porn all night.

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    +1 to surfing porn all night saw some of Bill too ooooooh sooo sexsayyy.......

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    the 7th dwarf
    I don't have insomnia,but I do spend alot of time on the internet at night too.I'd say its the worst feeling being tired and not being able to sleep.I really do feel for ya!
    Online poker eh?I looooooooooooove it!!!!!What online casinos do you use?I find that Poker Strategy has really helped me out, check it out the next time you have a sleepless night.The great hints and strategy tips will keep you reading til the morning.
    Anyway,I hope what I've written has been of some use to you.
    Try and get a good nights sleep!

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    I usually beat it 3 or 4 times during the night! Then pass out because I can't feel my nuts or legs anymore! Good times!
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