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Thread: which one would you choose?

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    Question which one would you choose?

    Which one should I get? GSX-R600 (2001-2002) -vs- ZX-7R (2000-2002) ....... and here's the terms. They both cost $6000 each (completely stock), no matter which one I get they're going to end up with the same mods (custom paint, pipes, power com., etc.) so I'll end up spending about the same either way on all that. But, I want the frame black. The ZX-7R already has it, it's going to cost about an extra $1500 to get the Gixxer's frame black. Money's limited and I'm wanting it soon. Should I hold out until I get the extra $1500 for the gixxer or go ahead and get the ZX-7R?

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    Bomax Motorsports
    fuel injection vurses carbs as well,resale the gsxr will be higher,its really a personal preferance,zx-7 handles awesome,easy to work on,but it is aging,you can buy virtually anything for both bikes,so upgrades are easy.powder coating frames isnt that much,specially if you dissasemble yourself.good luck

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    I went to my local suzuki shop and they told me it'd be $1500 to disassemble, power coat, and reassemble the gixxer. I haven't really shopped around too much for it, so that's just an estimate.

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    Bomax Motorsports
    ask porschenut what it cost him to powder coat his frame,wasnt too much i think.shop around for the disasemble and reasemble.

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    Monica Bellucci
    I've yet to ride a Gixxer 600 but my test ride of the ZX7 was not a good first impression. Felt like an overweight, underpowered dog. I really can't understand why Kawi even offers this thing (other than the fact that it costs them practically nothing to produce) in relation to it's other offerings. The 6R and 9R are awesome bikes but the 7 seems like the fat, ugly sibling. BTW, the Gixxer must be a rebuilt bike with a dec. on it to be had for $6000 for an '01? If thats the case that will obviously affect the resale value if thats a concern of yours. I agree with Bomax as well that the price seems a tad lofty for the black painted frame - I was quoted $1280 for the complete start to finish job last year.

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    Maan, you can take it apart yourself in a little over an hour. My best time to get to bare frame is 50 minutes with my gixxer! Putting it back together is around 3 hours...

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    Jamie A
    zx7 it way too heavy. if you want to do effortless wheelies and have a more comfortable riding position get the gixxer!

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    maybe, just maybe, a zx-7
    survey says?


    R1 to rule them all, R1 to find them
    R1 to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them...

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    I'll say it! GO KAWI!
    no one else will say it, so I've gotta defend em cuz ummmm they're ninjas hahaha I find it so annoying when everyone (referring to everyone without a bike and knowing nothing of bikes) calls my bike a ninja... It's just a sick generalization that all sportbikes are ninjas!

    Well, ok in reality I'd go for a gixxer hahaha they're just sweet

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    GSXR600 alllllll the way...isn this even a contest? The gixxer has better technology..matter of fact...does the ZX7R even have technology...no offence its a nice bike but when compared to a gix6. The gix is lighter, awesome engine, excellent brakes, and wicked handling. Oh yah...the suzy has faster colors

    Next year Ill own a 01 Gix6

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