Okay to mix oil???
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Thread: Okay to mix oil???

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    Okay to mix oil???

    I just changed my oil w/o replacing the filter and after the oil changed I realized there was some 15w50 motul 5100 oil in there /w the new oil 10w40 motul 5100 I just put in.

    Is this any good for my bike??? Yeah I know jack about oil.

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    so you could have a slightly heavier 10w40 now. This by itself is not much of a concern. the fact they are motul is perfect as it means the additive pack should be the same between the two blends. now if both blends use the same oils you are totally laughing, which I'd guess that because you say they are both "Motul 5100", I would say they use the same oils.. anyways so if the base oils and additive packs are the same then you're left with a slight difference in viscosity, and some the oil being older. basically you have a new/used oil mix of slightly heavier than 10w40 weight, and really that difference is pretty minor, the filter doesn't hold much oil... so no problems, maybe change your oil a little sooner than you would of..
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    Don't listen to him, you bike is now garbage, I'll take if off your hands if you want. You don't have to pay me, I'll just pick it up.

    J/K, you'll be fine...
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    It's fine. Wouldn't even have to be the same brand or even both synth to be fine.

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    once it is the same weight it should be fine... but i like to stick with just one brand
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