stock tires on 2003 636
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Thread: stock tires on 2003 636

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    stock tires on 2003 636

    Anyone know what the 2003 636 had for stock tires... I've got Bridgestone Battlax on mine, and I kind of thought that they were a newer tire than 2003... are these new tires??? The bike has low KMs (2300), so I have no reason to think so.

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    Battleaxe BT-014 i belive are the stocks...

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    With only 2300 kms on the bike they will be the OEM's. They are also pushing 4 years old now. This means they'll be getting hard just from age. For that reason alone you may want to consider swapping them for some new shoes for your baby.

    I couple of folks showed up at Boundry Bay when we were running the track nights out there on 3 and 4 year old tires. They either scared themselves silly or lowsided due to lack of traction on the old rubber. And it's not just cornering either. It'll affect your braking as well.
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