i bought this kit recently to convert the front driving lights on the sv to turn signals, which came with hole fillers to fill in the spot where the stock signals were. If anyone (SVers) has any pride in the appearance of their bike they will not order this product from 1tail.com or bikelitez.com. attached is the email i sent to them.

To Whom It May Concern,

I recently ordered the signals (as indicated in subject line) from 1tail.com. As I sized it up to fit to my bike, I came to the conclusion that this product is one of the poorest quality, least thought-out products I have ever seen for a motorcycle. In my opinion the reason for such a product would be to have a nice, smooth and clean look to the front of the motorcycle by removing the stock signals and replacing with the hole fillers provided. When I ordered the item I was dissappointed that they wouldn't come painted to match my bike. Little did i realize at the time that was the least of my worries. The installed spacers are either crooked and loosely mounted or recessed too far into the body work. The very simplest of things would be to have a black mounting screw to at least match other body parts, but a silver screw was provided to draw even more attention to this eyesore.
I will be sure to not order a product like this again, and will warn other SV owners of the inferior craftsmanship from this company.

Quentin Little
(Kelowna, Canada)