GSX-R Fork overhaul
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Thread: GSX-R Fork overhaul

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    GSX-R Fork overhaul

    Should have done this in the winter, but there is still time....

    I have a set of 1992 GSX-R 750 forks on a special I built 2 winters ago. I need firmer springs to help with ground clearance issues & a general overhaul (oil & seals).

    Who can recommend a reliable shop to do this? I just want to bring the forks in by themselves & have someone who knows what they are doing take care of this.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Give Rod a call here. Does my bikes and some AMA racers. Good work Good prices. Has a delivery service.
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    Absolutely.. RMR does all my stuff too.... I believe Rod is away until after Easter.
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    Bill at 5th gear can do them.
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    For what you want any of the better shops can do a fine job. Now setting the sag up is another issue. Either RMR or read the articles and do it yourself. Getting it into the ball park isn't rocket science. But optimzing it that last 15 to 25% is rocket science and requires a feel plus knowledge and experience.
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    Your front end might have some damage if it's sagging like that. Try lifting up on it and see how much it goes up from resting.

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