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    R6 Promo Clip

    Hey all,

    I really like the short but sweet R6 clip on the uk website:

    go to http://uk.yme.com/page.cfm?pageID=67118 and click on the Extras: Streaming Video link on the right side of the page.

    Even though the clip is fairly new, has anyone come across a bigger version of that clip with larger resolution and better sound quality?

    In any case, tell me what you think of that clip.

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    to those who use "vcrbox" you can use that link to dl straight to ur computer

    edit: btw- i think thats a pretty good clip of the r1, but it doesen't well enough on my comp, i thought the commercial was pretty damn sweet.

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    hahaah...that clip's awesome...

    i love the ending!
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