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    2004 Cbr 600rr

    Hey all,

    My name is troy - I'm from winnipeg MB. Its cold here and it sucks, and it's gonna be -25 tonite.

    I actually came across this forum while looking at a sask. forum. we don't have a very large forum like this in Winnipeg.

    Anyhow, its time for me to sell my baby. I don't wanna do it, but, that's the way she goes sometimes. This isnt the end of me and sportbikes, just a temporary break while I finish up getting my C.A. (chartered accountant) designation.

    On to it!

    2004 CBR 600RR finished in Candy Tahitian Blue (the fastest color hehehe). Its not rare or custom, but it was a low-production color only in 2004 (I have not seen another one around - but I guess Vancouver is like 10 times the size of winnipeg) Pictures really dont do this color justice, and no, it is nothing like the yamaha blue. I bought this bike brand new in 2005. The first thing I did - with 0kms on the odometer, was put in a 15t front sproket (down 1). I don't have a speedohealer, as I didnt think I'd ever get rid of it. Currently, there are 12,xxx kms on the bike, but actually lower because of the gearing.

    I have done all of the maintenance on this bike myself - this is my baby. I broke it in properly, i have done all maintenance on schedule, clean/wax chain every sunday, cleaned after every ride, etc. Adult owned and driven - NEVER any stunting or track days on it, no cupping on front from stoppies and such - pretty well all of the kms I put on were with my gf on the back. It still has the original tires, and I could probably get another half season out of them. (they actually have pretty bad chicken strips on em - I'll get pics up soon)

    -1 gearing
    Akropovic slip on (Carbon) - I shortened the can a few inches (most pipes on the RR stick out too far IMO) SOUNDS MEAN
    flushmount LED's up front
    Competition Werks fender eliminator
    rear signals mounted in passanger pegs (36 LED's or something like that) - really bright and really cleans up the rear

    I also have tires to go with it - a set of Michelin Pilot Power Race (90% tread) with an extra front that is still pretty darn good too. And, a set of Bridgestone Battleaxe Race tires.

    I know I'm in Winnipeg, but I will do everything possible to assist the happy new owner with shipping and all that.

    I know what this bike is worth. I have a number in my mind that I'd like to get, but i'll take offers. Please don't waste my time. I'm not giving it away.

    Asking $8,100 obo

    If you're interested, email me at troyseman@hotmail.com or call at (204) 990-8769. I'd prefer to communicate on the phone (its a little more personal, and I just want to help reassure anyone interested that this is 100% legit and I am on the up-and-up)

    I also have a bunch of gear that is all nice and minty I wont need anymore - Alpinestars TZ-1 leather jacket, Icon Motorhead leather jacket, Suomy Spec1-R helmet with blue iridium visor (brand new in package; helmet worn 3 times), Icon Alliance Type 2 Primary with brand new clear visor (worn a month), Icon TiMax gloves, Alpinestars SP-2 gloves (bought on boxing day - worn once this season around the block) and probably a bunch more.

    this pic is from this past summer - I'll get new ones up tommorow, or as soon as the sun shines



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    I have had quite a bit of interest in the bike. Thanks all. I just need to mention a few things.

    the gear is sold seperately - do the math and its well over $1,000 in gear. easy. The suomy lid alone sells for over $600, and either jacket is over $300 new. Keep in mind that I could probably put all of that gear back in the package and sell it as new.

    Please don't waste my time with low-ball offers. (this is why several people didnt get replys.). I don't mean to sound crass or rude, but I'm not giving any of this away. If you're looking for a steal of a deal, there are a lot of bikes on ebay for buy it now prices of about $3,000.

    And fyi - I had one guy tell me he's seen bikes like mine, with similar/lower kms going for mid to low $6's. If that's the case, PM me and i'll buy your RR for that price.

    thanks everyone. I'm working on those new pics, but I'll be honest, it's been nice (relatively) the past few days, and when it comes down to work and riding, well, its a no-contest.

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