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    Muffler woes

    Hey, once upon a time I thought it would be great to have a nice loud bike, so in my disgruntled youth i got the guys at the shop to poke a hole in my baffle, producing a nice thunderous sound. Now, as my work requires me to leave the house before the sun is up, I dread hitting that start button. I've spoken to ppl about aftermarket pipes, but they laugh and say mine is quieter then any out there, does anyone have any ideas on reversing this horrible experiment gone wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.
    thanks in advance.

    edit: thanks a lot for the info,
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    take it apart and weld up the holes. Which likely ain't going to happen. Buy another stock one, search ebay, stock pipes are cheap.
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    duct tape

    But yeah, look around for another stock pipe. Chances are you can get one in really good condition for <100 bucks
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    LOL I did the same thing about 15 yrs ago to my 85 FZ, sounded louder at first then ended up sounding like there was loose bits inside it. LOL- probably was.

    Is that a stock 1999 VLX you are looking for? Eddit your origonal post and that will act as a sort of WTB thread as well as post a WTB thread. A new stock pipe would be the best route to take and if you can get one used then you will (should) get it cheap as well.

    Good luck.

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    Call 5th Gear and get a db Dawg for it.
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    Very few, if any, stock cans can be taken apart for repairs. Your best bet is to haunt Ebay or the junkers like Turbosonoma around here for a set of stock cans to put back on.

    The DB Dawgs tone it down but nothing to like a stock setup. Any of the plugs in the noisy cans are like putting a bandaid on a sucking chest wound. If you want quiet back then stock is where it's at.
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