Mounting a radar detector on the screen
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Thread: Mounting a radar detector on the screen

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    Mounting a radar detector on the screen

    So i've got a radar detector coming soon. What would be the best way to mount it? Ideally i was thinking of keeping it towards the top of the screen (on the inside obviously) so it's easy to read the display etc. Anyone ever done this?
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    There are several solutions out there. RAM Mounts are common. Techmount is another common one. I found using a Techmount that I could jam into my hollow steering column worked well. It had a platform on the top about 2.5" square. Put industrial strength velcro on it and the detector. Worked very well. Now that I have GPS I have moved to a Ram Mount solution for 90% of it and other solutions for the mounting platforms. If you do a search on the GPS threads from this past winter you will see lots of tips and links.

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