599 Frame Sliders/ Torque specs???
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Thread: 599 Frame Sliders/ Torque specs???

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    Post 599 Frame Sliders/ Torque specs???

    Hey guy, I just picked up a set of frame sliders for my 04 honda 599. They mount to the frame/engine mount and I was wndering if anyone knows the torque spec's. I was also wondering since the engine is a stressed member of the frame if when i pull the existing bolt out if the engine bolt hole and frame bolt holes will stay aligned or if the stress on the engne will unload and make it difficult to reinstall. I'm sure that problem will be evident upon removal though.
    Any comments apreciated

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    If they are tough to turn as you're pulling the bolts out you'll know that they are stressed. At that point you can unload the stress by supporting the engine and then they should come out with relative ease.
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    Here's one way to go about it:
    Look up what the engine mounting bolts should be torqued to and use that for the frame slider/engine mount bolt.
    Or: If it's a nut and bolt type connection, and you know the material the bolt is made of, you can look up generic values for torque of your size bolt. Just google "bolt torque".
    Use a nut/bolt thread locking compound. I suggest medium strength (blue).
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    You might want to support the engine before removing the bolts ...

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    599 Frame Sliders/ Torque specs???

    Thanks for the tips....I think i'll be able to manage

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