Help!! Need stator help!
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Thread: Help!! Need stator help!

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    Help!! Need stator help!


    I am just putting my stator cover back on and I noticed that a couple of the wires have had the insulation scraped off in the accident. The can be seen in the pic as bright copper.
    Can I run my bike like this? seems kinda dangerous having a live wire in an oil bath....

    Please give me some imput.


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    The oil is the least of your issues. Oil won't short out the power at all.

    Far more important is to find out what is rubbing and why and deal with that. THe oil won't short out the power but if your flywheel that caused this wear contacts both of those metal points at the same time then you'll loose your charging power for that instant and will definetly be causing an overload in the coil. That alone is a good reason to get this looked at and fixed properly. Often damage of this sort is caused by a flywheel that's seating too far in or from a bent crankshaft or alternator shaft due to an accident that lets the flywheel wobble slightly and scuff the stator. Unless you KNOW that your bike has not been in an accident or can measure the shaft and flywheel for runout I'd get it checked by a shop that can do a test of that sort.

    THen there's the issue of if the wire that is left in the thin spots will burn out or not. Grinding the wire away like that has created a resistive choke point and depending on the current flowing in the stator it could be enough to overheat the worn points and lead to a burnout.
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