Sudden loss of power
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Thread: Sudden loss of power

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    Sudden loss of power

    I was rippin along yesterday from a dead stop, and when i hit about 10,000rpm, my bike cut out, the fuel light flashed, and then power came back about 3 seconds later. I was told to check the codes on it, but I can not find out how to anywhere on the net. I phoned yamaha up and they couldn't tell me how to either, but said it might be a problem with the TPS but it wasn't covered under the recall. So my main question is, does anyone know how to check the codes on a 04 R6?

    Hopefully someone can help me out!


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    A problem that the TPS was having with customers is an erratic idle. And if I'm correct it wasn't for that year(too early).

    I would check your battery terminal connections, loose or corroded. Then go to a different yamaha dealer.
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