Need a wireless hub or router
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Thread: Need a wireless hub or router

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    Need a wireless hub or router

    Hey Biker buddy's, I am in need of a wireless hub or router. I am getting Dsl but i need to network two computer in different rooms. I don't want a cable running through my house. Or if anyone else has any other ways that i could accoplish this. I don't have a phone line in the room with the second comp.


    Worst case sinerio, i might get up to the atic and run a cable there to the other room.

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    maybe, just maybe, a zx-7
    go with the wireless linksys ethernet 4pt router...

    this is where i usually get my computer stuff...

    NCIX routers

    and here's the one i was talking about...

    Linksys Wireless Router

    hope that helps...

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    Future Shop and London Drugs have rebates on SMC and Linksys routers. One week for one another week for another, seems like they are rotating.
    I just bought SMC a few weeks back to setup for my friend, works greate!
    This week it is Lynksys, get it you you need one.

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    The US gets some really sweet deals, if you are able to monitor that market. A while back had a $100 US rebate or something insane on a D-Link wireless router - 70% off... Came out to $49 US... Never seen the wireless Nics on sale, though

    I can get some good links to check out from my bud down there if you're interested.

    Stick with local shops, though, if you wanna be able to handle warranty concerns easily...

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