Best looking NEW 600 for 2003?

View Poll Results: What's the best looking brand new 600 for 2003?

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  • Honda CBR600RR

    179 37.06%
  • Kawasaki ZX-6R

    107 22.15%
  • Triumph Daytona 600

    17 3.52%
  • Suzuki SV650S

    15 3.11%
  • Yamaha YZF R6

    165 34.16%
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Thread: Best looking NEW 600 for 2003?

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    Best looking NEW 600 for 2003?

    *me wasting more time instead of doing work*

    So what do you guys think is the best looking brand new 600 for 2003?

    Your choices are:

    Honda CBR600RR

    Kawasaki ZX-6R

    Triumph Daytona 600
    (if anyone has a picture of this bike, please post it, I can't find one)

    Suzuki SV650S (I included this bike because Suzuki didn't redesign it's supersport 600 for '03)

    Yamaha YZF R6

    So what do you think?

    Looks alone...I vote for the CBR600RR. The black powder-coated frame does it for me. It also has that wicked looking swing-arm...the R6 has a black frame and cool swing-arm too...but it has those nasty looking headlamps, I just can't get use to them. The Honda has normal looking headlights, which I like. The R6 and ZX-6R both have wierd headlights, although I can live with the ones on the Kawi. The rest of the Kawasaki looks better than all the other bikes...but it doesn't have a fancy swing-arm, and it has a regular brushed aluminum frame. That being said, the tail, instrument panel, ram-air, SOLID PAINT, and everything else looks better on it.
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    I'm thinking the R6.
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    I voted CBR600RR for looks, although I am very attracted to the '03 ZX-6R. And I mean that in the most sexual way possible.

    I know the Duc 749 isn't 600cc (but neither is the SV (hmmm... nor the ZX-6R for that matter)), but it's in the supersport class, no? Doesn't matter. I wouldn't have voted for it anway.

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    maybe, just maybe, a zx-7
    i'm afraid kawi is trying to target the "styling" market with they way they've revamped their bike...
    i mean, could it LOOK anymore like the yamies?

    i'm fond of the 600rr...but that's's alright, but it doesn't quite cut it...sharper styling, but lacks sleekness and sexiness...

    the zx6r looks like they're trying too hard to hit the "sexiness" market...good job though, too bad they're just copying what's already been done (deduct originality points)...

    is it just me? or is there no gixxer 600 up there? even just to compare...not that it would matter anyway...the gixxer's are there to perform...just not look good doing it though...j/k

    i would obviously go R6...for obvious reasons ...surprisingly though, it hasn't gotten better with it's redesign, then again, not worse either...i just love the fact that they're using the deltabox III frame and chassis now...very very nice...

    look at that swingarm...crazy stuff...but i like it...

    here's some crazy new colors...that's factory by the way...

    finally...another one...seriously Harps...that first pic does the R6 no justice whatsoever...that's why i had to post a few choice selects...hahaha just buggin ya

    i guess that's my 2 cents...more like 2 and a half but oh well...
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    Want an appliance? Buy Japanese.
    I thought they were all the same bike

    The Japanese have to be the worst for originality.

    In about 2 years time, they'll all be producing Ducati 999 clones.

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    I'll take the Honda any day....
    Their originality may suffer but their functionality and dependability far surpasses that of the Ducs...
    Not to mention pricing for the bikes and parts.... ouch.
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    Looks wise, R6 for sure!
    Harps, you gotta post a better, complete pic of the R6 to do it justice. Those 4 killer projection beam headlights gotta be the trickest! It's got that 'don't mess with me' look. The side fairings are innovative, looking like it's 3 separate pieces. The rear tail section with the led lights still is the best of the bunch. The CBR won some points for the undertail exhaust, but the exhaust is not disproportions the tail. All that extra metal around the actual exhaust makes it too big, so it didn't get full points in my book.
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    All of em look clean and different...Dun like the SV tho...
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    Did I get that right? There is a pic of a black with red flames on an r6 as being factory colours?
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    OMG the yellow RR look like sweetness!

    I personally dont like how the honda cbr RR looks, but the yellow *SWOON* makes me take it all back. The only problem is that the new silver R6s look too good to pass up. I'll probably be switching over to an R6 this year.

    They all look good.

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    For me it's a toss up between Honda and Yamaha. I DO like the new frontend of the R6. Lights and all. It looks more aggressive. *erhemm* ....The Kawi looks like it fell off the Ugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down. teehee!
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    Sun Rider

    Talking best looking 600s

    They don't 'all look alike' --- I like the naked look of the SV

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    If I didn't buy blue for ALL my gear, I would seriously consider that silver R6, DAMN that's sexy . Second would be the Kawi, I can't see why people think it's ugly

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    Oh my god! I think those pictures of the yammie are awesome! I think that those headlights are awesome! The yammy is like a classy brunnette with a sophisticated outfit and nice shoes.

    The Kawasaki makes me think of a blonde, dancing on stage type of girl with slinky clothes on with her boobs and legs hanging out.

    And the Honda is a timid first year college student who's prim and proper, but just about ready to take off her glasses and let her hair down. (I voted for this one)

    I like naked bikes. I guess the SV-650S is the porn star of the bunch huh?
    I love my squared off tyres. Torque rules.

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    Going with Sewman's analogies, I would say the returning GSXR600 is the girl that's been "all-banged up". Goes on doing what she does best with no change, is good at what she does but nothing new to offer and everyone and their brother has ridden her.

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