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    Question help with internet

    we have dial up internet at the shop as digital isnt available in that area there some kind of box or switch we can use so when your online the phone still rings through or is it better to get a second line?anyone?

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    Probably cheaper to go with a second line....
    But if you want the speed and DSL is not available... there's always cable too....
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    Are you sure you can't get ADSL or cable out there? I mean, the ADSL center is located in burnaby. I can't see why you wouldn't be able to get ADSL there???

    My friend just down from you guys has his internet with Telus.

    But if it is impossible, then yes, a second phone line will be needed.
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    Why not cable service and us your phone for what it's good for?
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    i do believe using call alert will auto-disconnect your modem and let your phone ring.

    But that was a looong time ago, i could be wrong, or it could have changed recently.

    If you need to use your internet frequently, best to just get adsl or cable, rather than the expense of putting in a second phone line.

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    Call alert would disconnect you depending on what you were using to dial up I believe. There were times when the connection stayed but it would just get fucked up each time the call alert beeped. Hahaha... I remember trying to download a 1Mb file on my 2400 and then the call alert would start going off and messing up my transfer. I'd always pray that I wouldn't get disconnected.
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    OH YEAH!
    get the second line or cable....
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    maybe, just maybe, a zx-7
    just go adsl...then you don't have to have them come by to hook up another phone line or set up cable for only need one phone line for adsl...adsl runs internet off of it and you can still use your line normally to make calls...get the quick connect kit like i did and BOOM! i was on the net within minutes...!

    best way to go...besides...with cable, it's shared... wasn't there a thread on this before...?
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    I thought the new V92 protocol allows for this.
    Though there must be cable available.

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