Man... talk about a good old fashion spooker! with a dash of high tech in it. no, i'm not talkin about b1ltz's previous dates... (j/k ) but rather the new movie Resident Evil.

i just saw it yesterday with some friends, and i've gotta say that it is one good movie. in certain suspenseful scenes, i saw just about everyone in the theater including myself flinch!!
haha, the dood sitting beside me got so scared at one point he actually started to cover his ears and slouch down in his seat (dunt ask me why....)
i dont think the flick was actually that scary, but rather more suspenseful n it had a good dose of "pounce in your face" type of thrill.

i thought the movie was well written n directed, but i guess i am very biased, since i've been a huge fan of both the Resident Evil 1 and 2 video games on Playstation. but all bias aside, i am surprised at how close the directors stuck to the game story line n camera scene angles n even character dialogue compared to the video game. if u guys havent seen the movie n are thinking bout it, i definitely recommend it. u dont have to know anything about the video game to watch, although if u are a fan of R.E., i wont doubt for a second that u'll like this film version too!

...tap tap... tap tap.... (must be the mutant dogs, wait thats just my faucet leaking)