Kawasaki vintage dirtbikes for sale / trade
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Thread: Kawasaki vintage dirtbikes for sale / trade

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    Kawasaki vintage dirtbikes for sale / trade

    A J1 and J1T are up for grabs. One is locked up and is for parts for the other. The other runs but needs some TLC for the carburetor. Tank and seat are in good condition for the running one. I picked these up for a vintage restoration project, but other projects and space constraints have brought me to sell these. I have spare parts for them.

    I am looking for $450 so that I can close to breaking even on what I payed for them. They are taking up space I need for some other projects that I can actually finish.

    As for the trade part, If you have a 80CC liquid cooled dirtbike CR, KX, YZ, RM kicking around that is in need of repair or is in ok shape, would you consider trading for these, or trade + cash on top. I say that because I am in search of a small starter bike for the g/f.

    Shoot me an email to mario_d@telus.net

    Thank you

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