I'm looking for a late 80's - early '90's Ninja, or something a lot like it.

My plan is to remove the gasoline engine and replace it with an electric motor and a whole heap of batteries, and have a zero pollution commuter bike.

Why a sport bike? An electric scooter doesn't stand a chance on a highway, and won't have the range I need (can't carry enough batteries). Also, aerodynamics are king when you go over 60km/h or thereabouts, so though a Gold Wing or something would be lot more comfortable, I'd burn more power fighting the wind than I have to spare. Thus, a sport bike

So, here's what I'm looking for:

A Ninja or something a lot like it (CBR, GT650, or similar) in the above date range. The engine does not have to be in running condition (since I'm removing it), but it does need to have a straight frame, and not need every bearing in the whole thing to be replaced. Good dampers and tires with at least some life left in them would be great. Brakes must be serviceable with only minor tuning/repairs. Electrical will be nearly completely replaced anyway, so as long as all of the buttons and switches work, that's fine.

The fairings need to be present, but I'm familiar with fibreglass repair work, so a few scuffs and cracks are OK.

Price offered will vary with the condition of the ride, but it would have to be in particulary nice shape for me to spend over $2000, seeing as I don't actually need it to run.

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Robyn Lundstrom