Hey guys,

Very sad to see my car go, but its time to get something a little more practical for me and my wife. This is our only car, so it doesn't really make sense anymore.

I've been slowly turning this into a road racing style car so you can see most of the mods are suspension related. About the only thing its missing suspension wise is a great set of springs. If the car doesn't sell, i'll be ordering them in a few months once they are available again (Strano springs).

Let me know if you have any questions! More info and pictures below.

email me @ jkelly95z@yahoo.com or call @ 604916-7763

Thanks for looking,


Year: 1995
Make: Camaro
Model: Z-28
Milage: 150,000 km's (100,000 km's on engine & 60,000 km's on transmission)
Asking Price: $11,000 obo

I've had this car for 10 years now. I puchased it used @ 40,000 km's back in '97 and i've put 110,000 km's on it in the past 10 years. As you can see, i don't drive alot, and in the past 5-6 years i've only been putting about 5-6,000 km's on it each year.

Car has dyno'd 267 rwhp and 315 lb/tq a few years ago and ran 13.6's @ 102 in calgary's shitty air. It should make another 15-20 hp now, and run high 12's @ 106 or so here @ sea level.

Engine: LT1 V8, 350 corvette engine
Transmission: 6 speed

Over all shape: 6-7/10
Desription: The car has scratchs, and a small dent from a hit and run a little awhile ago (this will be fixed via ICBC).
The biggest issue is the front bumper cover. It is cracked in several places and is missing some paint. I have another bumper cover that I was prepping for paint, but honestly it doesn' really bother me that much so i never finished.

When clean, it still looks great to me, but then i'm more about performance then looks, so the scratches don't really bother me


No body modification

Stock Corvette wheels powder coated Gunmetal Grey.
Front: 17x8.5 w/ Falken 255/45/ZR17
Rear: 18x9.5 w/ Falken 275/40/ZR18
* Tires have roughly 6,000 km's

Front: Upgraded dual piston w/ Brembo Rotors and Hawk HP+ pads
Rear: stock single piston w/ Brembo Rotors and Hawk HP+ pads
Brake Lines: Earls Stainless steel on all 4 corners

Stock engine with roughly 100,000 km's (was replaced under warranty around 45,000 km's)

K&N Cold air intake (installed around 60,000 km's. New filter around 135,000 km's)

MAC 1 5/8 headers (installed around 143,000 km's)
Stock cat (stock)
Borla cat-back exhaust (installed around 50,000 km's)

Fuel and Ignition:
Walbro 255 fuel pump (installed around 142,000 km's)
Stock opti-spark (stock)
MSD wires (installed around 143,000 km's
NGK spark plugs (installed around 143,000 km's)

GM T-56 6 speed transmission (installed around 80,000 km's)
Center Force dual friction clutch (installed around 80,000 km's)
B&M short throw shifter (installed around 90,000 km's)

LG Engine shock tower Brace (installed around 90,000 km's)
LG Rear Lower Control Arms (installed around 90,000 km's)
LG Panhard Rod (installed around 90,000 km's)
SLP Weld-in Subframe connectors (installed around 90,000 km's)
Strano Performance 35mm hollow Front swaybar (installed around 142,000 km's)
Strano Performance 22mm hollow Rear swaybar (installed around 142,000 km's)
Koni Single Adjustible shocks (installed around 142,000 km's)
Stock Springs (stock)

Rear End:
Richmond 4.10 gears (installed around 90,000 km's)
TA rear-end girdle cover (installed around 90,000 km's)

Latest upgrades & maintanence
- roughly $6,000 spent on parts alone in the past 2 years
Oil changed with Mobil 1 synthetic 1,000 km's ago
MAC headers, plugs and wires, 02 sensors installed 1,000 km's ago ($1050)
Walbro fuel pump installed 3,000 km's ago ($250)
Koni Shocks installed 3,000 km's ago ($1,200)
Brakes/Rotors/Pads/Brake Lines installed 3,000 km's ago ($775)
New Motomaster battery installed 3,000 km's ago ($80)
Front/Rear swaybars installed 3,000 km's ago ($400)
Wheels and tires installed 6,000 km's ago ($2,000)