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    Exhaust piping

    Just want to know what kind of metal is used for exhaust pipes, and where I can get some...

    I want to do a custom exhaust job on my bike but I dont know if plain old galvanized steel piping will hold up to the heat and elements...

    Also, is it possible to get the stuff already chromed or polished or whatever they do to make it shiny lol.



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    I believe most bikes will have stainless steel pipes. Not too sure where you could buy polished stainless tubing though. Also keep in mind that if you are welding it yourself, you'll need to use stainless wire too, or the welds will rust.

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    usually 302,304,321,347 stainless steel .025-.030 wall...check out metal supermarket or metal mart...might have some luck at steveston marine...
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    Mild steel header pipe works just fine and then get it jet coated. You can order all your bends and straight pipe from Lordco, Wake Field Sperling and Mopac.....or just get a sb chevy header and cut it up.
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