hi I have an immobilizer from Seco, model number SLI 761PP-H2B, passive self arming proximity based immobilizer.

Passive Proximity Immobilizer

Passive Proximity --
The only security system which arms and disarms automatically.

3-point immobilization.
Starter, ignition, & fuel pump (includes 2 on-board relays and 1 output).
Two tamper-proof controllers.*
Disarm the immobilizer automatically when brought near the ignition switch, cannot be electronically or physically copied.
No keys or jacks or transmitters needed to deactivate, and no battery required for the controller.
Code learning.
Learns up to 8 controller codes into EEPROM, with trillions of possible codes.
Passive arming.
Automatically arms 30 sec. after ignition turned OFF, engine can be restarted during that time.
Secure valet/override mode.
Requires unique 5-digit code.
Installer test mode.
Helps locate the best position for the deactivation coil.
Street tough.
All black wires, pick-proof design.
Multi-function LED indicator
Indicates arming, armed, disarmed, code learning, valet/override mode.
Dealer delete plug (optional).
Allows removal of the unit without the need to reconnect any cut wires; perfect for front-loading at car dealer lots.
Wire harness cover (optional).
Clamps onto alarm brain to prevent the unplugging of the wires.

*SLIR 760PP-H2B includes 2 black controllers.

ICBC RATED this as one of the top immobilizers.


BRAND NEW, never installed. Girlfriend won this during a contest. Wiring is simple, and power draw is very little...wont drain your battery.

retails 149.99 plus tax at Ralph's...selling for 110