Scavenger "Smokie's" Hunt 2007???
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Thread: Scavenger "Smokie's" Hunt 2007???

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    Scavenger "Smokie's" Hunt 2007???

    ooookay... the masses have apparently spoken. Sorry about last year, lots happening with family, etc... this year is busy but should be better.

    Due to multiple requests... I'm down for organizing a nice big one this year with mucho prizes, BUT I need some help. I'm can take care of the logistics, prize/money gathering, list organizing, waivers, etc. I can use some help with organizing the teams, registration, finale venue/party.

    Those interested in helping out and promoting the ride, please PM or email me.

    PS - Only reason I'm doing it this year is because Maverick_Cat asked me ever so nicely lol it's the blue hair...

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    Hey looking foreward to this one Smokie !!! hopefully a bunch will get on board as the first year was such a blast TEAM "SIX Machines" PM me if your still interested in entering us in !!!

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