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Thread: question regarding bike registration

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    question regarding bike registration

    just got a couple questions regarding getting a bike with no papers registered. it's a greybike and i never really asked, but i suspect the papers were sold perhaps? which probably means the vin numbers are no good either.....

    just wondering if that's the last time you'll ever see the bike being ridden on the street? or is there more you can do? it's a pretty old bike. more than 15 years. any input would be appreciated.

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    No papers = SOL from ICBC.
    Rage. Its my drug of choice.

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    so what would happen in the case where a bike was stolen
    and say papers went missing in process? or even further, vin's were tampered with/ removed/ sanded off

    i dunno..... i guess there's always buying the bike for the track.

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    get a bc assigned vin. Its cheap i believe, mayeb around $100 or so. Look into it.

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    VIN Plate Removal

    This is a criminal offence. Section 53 of the Motor Vehicle Act (BC) prohibits the removal of the VIN under any circumstances. Under Sections 354 and 355 of the Criminal Code of Canada, the vehicle operator is presumed to be in possession of a stolen vehicle if the VIN is obliterated, altered, or removed. The vehicle may be seized immediately and the operator charged under the Criminal Code.

    Just a question, this is implying that if you're driving around the street with a bike that has no plates right? What if it was a track bike? Off-road bike? Does this still apply?

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