I Want A Turbo!!!! Daddy Get It For Me!!!
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Thread: I Want A Turbo!!!! Daddy Get It For Me!!!

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    I Want A Turbo!!!! Daddy Get It For Me!!!

    any one put a turbo on there bike? what are things i need to lookout for? will my carbs handle the boost? i dont want much, just 5-8lbs of boost! my bike is a 1985 yamaha fz 750

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    Smile , it makes ppl wonder what you're up to :D

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    No, I want a turbo!
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    you could go with a kit, Mr turbo or if you search there are a few others out there.... then again you could alway do it yourself, lots of info out there to help out. But really if your starting from a 750 you'd be better off upgrading to a 1100 something..... then once you got yourself an 11 bolt on a turbo,you got 250hp!

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    Trust me, putting big $$$$$ on an bike that old and fragile with poor brakes and handling isn't good.
    It would be cool though.

    IMO I'd say invest your turbo dollars into a newer bike. A used 03-04 GSXR1000,
    200hp+ all day no problem.

    Check out Richard from RCC Turbos.
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    I got a gun ...
    its a freeking bike ... you do not need a turbo on it
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    oh my goodness. An 85 FZ750N.

    I had one of those for 12 years, starting in 89 when it was near cutting edge- 20 valves and all that.

    In the beginnign I got tires from westwood racers then as time moved on even teh tzr250 had larger wheels than me. In the end I gave her away and just forgot bout riding. Course now I am back and cant believe the differance!

    Though I love the FZ and would love to see it I would recommend a newer bike to put money into, one with a chassis that might be able to handle more.....

    LOL_ i think mine had near 100k on her when she was taken from me and wrecked. (stolen, no insurance). Got her back but to far gone, gave her away to someone that had another 85 FZ.

    BTW, think I still have a clutch plate if you want it- free of course.

    What tires you running on her? What is still being put out in 16 inch fronts?

    cool ride ...... forget turbo for her.
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