I was on ebay the other day and man do they ever have some good bike parst CHEAP!!! I ordered a youshimura trc comp slip on for my 06 rmz450, it was buy now $210 so i did on a thursday and had it on saterday, 3 days . The muffler is great, it came with all new harware and sounds killer, also has a screen type spark arestor that is easy to remove and replace. Just need some anodized cnc candy, i also got some blue rad hoses and the carb mix needle that is blue and easy to adjust. I also polished my frame inside and out front to back and it's holding up nice, i do regret doing so much polishing but it looks killer. As soon as i figure out how to post a pic i will! WHEN WILL ONE IND'S MAKE A SNOW CAMO KIT FOR THE SUZUKI??????