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Thread: New to this site and motorcycles?? Read this

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    Exclamation New to this site and motorcycles?? Read this

    With the wake of all the crap stirred by some things Raphael posted, and the anger directed at him by some, to everyone that has joined this forum within the last year you should have a read. Perhaps this would help you understand why some of us get so pissed.

    With the latest rider Nenad lost just recently, I read through this thread again. I think many of you new riders should also read it. And while you do keep in mind some of the people that were here posting their condolences are no longer with us.

    When I joined this forum I remember reading this and how sad I felt. I remember hearing from people that knew him what kind of a person he was.

    Just before this we lost a person named Bog, then we lost Cody, Julia, Paul, and Rick to name a few.

    Look at the RIP names in Jody's signature and a few others.

    Take this sport seriously but enjoy it, learn from professional instructors, don’t take chances, think about what you’re doing.

    Be safe this year, and ride within your limits or take it to the track.
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    thank you George for posting this. i hope new riders will read this, and think twice before they do something that they are not 100% sure of.
    it still saddens me very deeply to read back on those rip threads, it feels like it was yesterday all over again. we can't change the past, but we can all learn from it, and hopefully change our future.

    i have been doing this for a long time, and have made, and lost many friends/aquaintences to this passion i have. i for one do not wish to lose anymore. be safe and think twice before you grab some throttle. Roger

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    Sad reminders.

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    sobering thoughts and memories. thanks you for you reasoning George. Thanks to all of you who helped teach, and keep me safe over my time here.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BLADERUNNER 954 View Post
    i hope new riders will read this, and think twice before they do something that they are not 100% sure of.
    That's a problem - some people ARE 100% sure they can do something when they can't ... Know your limits, stick within them. (Fuck, i sound like a gambling advert on TV )
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    Good post, thanks.
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    Some of the reasons I stopped coming on this site were the stupid things people would type and all the RIP threads. If you won't say it to someone face, why type it? It doesn't do anybody any good.

    After losing a couple friends and my crash, I decided to stop riding.
    A friend sent me an email to a thread for a bike for sale on here and asked what I thought because I wouldn't sell him mine.

    I started reading the threads on here again and started to get back into riding, but the bike still sat there untouched from the last day I rode.

    Last weekend I broke down, pulled out the bike, cleaned it up and got it running. After a couple runs up and down the lane at my brothers house and the constant nagging for a ride from my nieces, I insured it.

    I went for a ride and all the emotions came rushing back, I had forgotten how much I missed riding. It was like riding for the first time again. It felt so good to be back on it.

    I was 7 years old when I rode my first bike, I am now 36 and am still around.
    That is because i use my head and keep my eyes open when riding and ALWAYS ride within my limits.

    Just think about it this way:

    Is it better to enjoy the ride and live to ride again another day or have a ton of what you think is fun and probably not ride ever again?

    Everyone be careful out there and ride safe.
    A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg, even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.

    Is livin life. Good or bad, whatever happens, happens.

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