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Thread: US Speed Trap website

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    US Speed Trap website

    I copied this from LDrider

    It may be of some use more for state by state techniques and common hiddy holes

    Here is a site that lists speed traps in every state:

    Back up from another poster

    I got nailed in Lawtey, Fla

    in March 2007 I was doing 65 in a 45 going with the flow of traffic. The ticket is $210.50 plus 4 points, by taking a online Traffic School 4-hour course, I will not be awarded the 4 points and the charges was reduced to $189.

    WHile this is just a guide it would make a nice little route planning tool
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    Good site, thanks!!!! Now I know where to eat my donuts.

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    here's a link for y'all with gps...speedtraps and redlight cameras! enjoy

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