How much extra do you have in your bike?
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Thread: How much extra do you have in your bike?

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    How much extra do you have in your bike?

    Just curious, I don't intend this to be a pissing contest...

    Since the number of bike appraisers I talked to didn't really seem to know sportbikes that well, I've decided to do a little document myself.

    Now, taking off the price of the OEM stuff that I replaced, at full retail value, I am $8100 extra bucks into my bike. And I'm probably half through my stuff and not that accurate cuz I'm not adding taxes, shipping other costs I forget.

    Anyone wanna buy a bike for $8k more than stock market value ? Makes me somewhat least til I get the 9 engine in

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    Props to you for doin' er' up, but my bike is for riding, and I want to be able to toss it, no worries.

    And much like cars, I bet you will not get much if any money back on your investment when it comes time to sell it, unless you part it out.
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    since I bought this bike I have done maintainence and that is it, for the exact reason that it makes you depressed. I have seen that thread you posted on your bike, you should be damn proud of that thing no matter what the cost was, it's amazing. I particularly like the front light set up. I have a bike to ride it, so for me decking my ride out with the latest things are a waste especially since I am not great at keeping 'er clean, but I still appreciate all the work and pride that goes into something like this, maybe one day when I have a little money to spare..... and a garage to keep it in.
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    This is only my opinion, but I think once you get past the simple bolt ons, the extra you put into the bike is pretty well gone. Even with the extensive work you have done, it's very hard to recover it.

    When I was into the custom truck scene, you would be amazed how little the extra stuff was worth.

    For example, a B2200 with Pathfinder wheels, cranked torsion bars and blocks (about $500 worth of mods w/0 stereo) would go for $4000.

    Same truck, with shaved handles, 17" billets, custom paint, flawless body, custom tweed interior, full competition stereo and airbags would go for maybe $10K, likely closer to $8K. The full pimp had about $30K more stuff in it.

    I think at some point it just hits a wall and at the end of the day you've still only got a B2200 or a gixxer or whatever. It's sad, it sucks but I think it's true.

    I bet if Jscott put his Ducati up for sale he wouldn't get much more than a stocker in similar condition (showroom).

    my sad $0.02 (BTW, I still love all the customs....)
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    thats why i bought my bike with the Hindle Can, Lowered, Rear fender delete LED Front signals etc etc...

    I have only $140 in extras that i have actually paid for..

    the only other accessory i wish i had was a steering dapener....
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    A small fortune by the time it's done. It'll never be worth selling. That's okay, because I like the bike, and don't mind owning it until it dies.
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    i'm about $6000 into mine but it's not bling bling stuff. it's a 636 engine kit, tuning to go along with it, suspension and a couple custom mods. i have no desire to sell so re-sale wasn't even a thought. i wanted it to handle and perform and that costs money. Ohlins ain't cheap.
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    A few accesories and the rest of my cash goes to GOOD gear. Helmets, gloves, boots, and of course a few sets of leathers 2 one piece and 2 two peice one set fully perforated and the other not.......

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