bluetooth headset inside helmet
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Thread: bluetooth headset inside helmet

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    bluetooth headset inside helmet

    I m just wondering if anyone is using a bluetooth headset inside the helmet ?
    I know there is bluetooth helmet with speakers and mic but i m more intereted in the headset only.

    Can someone please list the model of the headset and how comfortable do they fit? More importantly the sound quality when its in use.

    thanx in advance

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    I use a HS850 in mine, works well, I just leave it in the helmet all the time.

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    I use the Samsung one in my Arai and it fits well, the only thing I cant do is hang up on someone that I dont want to talk to.

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    I use Logitech
    ....don't have pix with me

    looks like this

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    Cardo Scala rider. Flat earpiece that velcros into your helmet with a mic. Waterproof and you can dial out by pressing the small part that attaches to your helmet. will work with full and open face helmets. Sound quality is very good and loud (auto setting).

    I have one that I'm not using. PM me if you're interested.
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    +1 on the Cardo Scala.

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