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Thread: Shipping/Tie Down Question....

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    Shipping/Tie Down Question....

    im gonna be shipping my bike back to Toronto and was wondering where on the front end i should strap the bike Honda 600rr. i.e. the upper triple clamp, or the handle bars. also should i go under the front fender or over the fender. i will be using ratchetting straps with hooks, so should i hook the hook straight onto the rear passenger pegs or should i loop it through, and hook to the strap?

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    If it can fit it the upper clamp will work fine. If not the go with the handlebars, if you're going to put the straps on the bars buying a canyon dancer is not necessary but works great.

    also should i go under the front fender or over the fender.
    do you mean the fairing? If you're going with the upper clamp it may be possible to go through the fairing, it'll be pretty obvious once you start whether you can or not.
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    I prefer to attach the hook to the passenger pegs. If you try to loop it through usually you'll end up with something that's trying to twist the hook, and it won't seem to secure grabbing the strap.

    You should definitely get the canyon dancer-type straps. They're only like $20 which is probably nothing compared to your shipping charges. That will take away all your worries about the straps rubbing your plastics & bending your metal.
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    ok thanks guys!!

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    +2 on the Canyon dancer type deely bobin!!
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    dropped by richmond motorsports and got me the "Canyon Dancer" i be a dancin' alright! i think im all set! 'preciate all the help.

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