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    Talking Believe in Genies?

    One day a man decided to teach his wife how to play golf.
    They went to a near by course which happened to back a group of expensive homes.
    The first thing the man said to his wife was "What ever you do, aim away from the houses."
    Sure enough, the wife's first shot when directly through one of the house's front windows.
    "Oh no!" the husband cried. "Now we have to go offer to pay for the damages."
    So the couple walked up to the house and knocked on the door. To their surprise, the man that answered the door was extreamly excited.
    "Thank you" he said, "I am a genie and I was locked inside a lamp for three hundred years untill you wife's ball came through the window and smashed the lamp. I am going to give you three wishes because I am so thankfull!"
    The couple, still surprised, thanked the genie and began thinking of what they wanted to wish for.
    "There is one condition" the geine added, "since I have been trapped inside a lamp for three hundred years, I want the last wish to be that I make love to your wife."
    The husband and wife replied "If we can have world peace and a billion dollars we accept."
    "Done" the genie replied. And the wife made love to the genie as promised.
    Before the coulpe left, the genie asked them their ages.
    "Well I'm 35 and my wife is 34" the man replied.
    "Wow" the genie gasped, "AND YOU STILL BELIEVE IN GIENIES?"
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    that's still good...! i love that one...
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