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Thread: Gumball 3000 Rally Cancelled

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    Gumball 3000 Rally Cancelled

    It's a Race not a Rally

    The Gumball 3000 was cancelled .

    >From Wiki..

    The 2007 route was scheduled to travel from London to Istanbul, via
    Amsterdam, Munich, Venice, Dubrovnik, and Athens. Over 100 contestants were scheduled to drive through 16 countries in 8 days. The entrance fee for the 2007 rally was GB?28,000 (US$55,060) for first-time drivers. [6]
    Upon arrival in Holland, On April 29, the Dutch police awaited the
    participants with 14 police cars and 7 unmarked cars. Seven pilots including
    rapper Xzibit lost their driver's licence for speeding with over 50 km/h
    more than allowed and two cars were confiscated. The Dutch government has forbidden streetraces by law, although rallies that are performed within the law (i.e. participating in a rally without a competitive element) are not
    forbidden.[7][4] The next day, the German police stopped about 70 cars for
    speeding violations; they were escorted off to the airport. A police
    spokesman told the media that the information about the racing route had
    been available on the official Gumball 3000 website.[8] Following the
    complications with the German police, the Gumball drivers were flown to
    Istanbul, but the Antonov planes set to bring their cars was diverted to
    Athens.[9] The drivers were then flown to Athens the next day, but four
    teams (Team Polizei, Team Turkish Taxi, Team Aytac, and Team 15) chose to drive the distance in other vehicles. [10]

    On May 2, a convoy of four Gumball 3000 vehicles was involved in a traffic
    accident near the town of Struga, Republic of Macedonia. The Techart Porsche 911 Turbo of Nick Morley and Matthew McConville hit an oncoming car, at a reported speed of more than 200 km/h, after which, according to media reports, they tried to escape the country via the nearby border post.
    However, they were stopped and arrested by the police, and will be held in
    custody until their trial has begun. [11] The casualties reported in the
    accident were the 67-year old driver of the other vehicle (a Volkswagen
    Golf), who died on his way to the hospital; and his wife, who was seriously
    injured and later passed away in hospital on Friday 4th May.

    I would think that trial, conviction and jail time in Macedonia would not be like a weekend at the Four Seasons or what Paris Hilton is about to be traumatically subjected to.

    RUle Number One for international riding - maintain a low profile and don't kill 67 year olds and their wives while speeding
    BCSB had mountains of experience with a lot of things. #1 on that list is pouring out bullshit to dumb questions by the Gigabyte. (TripleTime, 12-10-2014 03:19 PM)

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    Yeah it is all fine until innocent people get caught up in it. There is supposed to be a rally in the US as well but there is no way in hell the cops are going to let that happen. You can try to keep the route hidden, trick the authorities, etc, but in the end they will stick out like a sore thumb and they will be nailed hard. Those days are long gone in North America.

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    I've seen the mini documentary about this before.
    Flashy cars, emblazoned with decals and stickers, running and supra legal speeds.
    Seems to me they weren't being that stealthy about the whole thing.

    While I don't approve of "speed records," attempted on public roads, I do think there's a better way to hold that kind of a rally.

    For starters, no media. No public displays. Stealthier cars, 'cause you can be certain, a Ferrari gets a lot of attention in places other than LA or Vancouver.....

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