Replacing (ancient) front ends
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Thread: Replacing (ancient) front ends

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    Replacing (ancient) front ends

    So I have an 81 Honda Hawk 400. It's in reasonably good shape (you know, for a 26 year old bike with 70,000 km), except for pitting the hydraulic zone of the front forks. Replacing fork seals is a hassle. Aside from doing this annually, what options do I have besides lucking out on a new set of stantions on ebay? What's the likelihood of being able to swap in a front end from another 80s Honda model? Should I even bother doing anything?


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    A few seconds of Google bought this here thread have a look-see;t=000105;p=1

    and more here

    I have a 1980 KZ440, I've had excellent results with Permatex® Cold Weld on metal internal carb parts, it will fill and machine well if the metal is properly prepared. The stuff is amazing-strong and affixes very well.

    I’m not sure what you're running for fork oil, but older Hondas like yours can do well with synth AFT for fork oil. This might help prevent future problems. Also you should clean your fork tubes and seals diligently.

    Using Permatex® Cold Weld with careful preparation and sanding smooth would work on your tubes but hard chroming is best.
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    Your Idea of 'replacing' the forks with something else is a good one.
    This EASILY done some forks, even other brand years , can fit perfectly. This regularily done with many bikes, hell ..I
    ve even done it. Getting yours patched is likely expensive complicated and prolly result in a poor fix.
    Start looking for a discussion board dealing with your bike and ask there for the easy answers. G'luck.

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    There is a company caleed forks by Franks or something like that?
    He has all kinds of stanchions available at fair price.
    I'm guessing around $200 for both oif them.

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