best 2up sportbike?
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Thread: best 2up sportbike?

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    best 2up sportbike?

    Hey gang

    I'm thinking about getting another bike that my gf will enjoy passenging on.

    Are sport tourers really the only 2up way to go, or are there some sportbikes that are ideal for the passenger?


    P.S. Sorry if this was asked before. My seach came up with very little.
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    I picked up a Sprint ST a week ago and I'm finding it to be more like a bike sport bike rather than a sport tourer. It is great for 2-up riding as there is just so much power available. The comfort is really good for both rider and passenger.

    I came from a CBR F4i and I find my new bike quite a lot heavier but has buckets loads of power that is easy to get to.

    I heard that the VFR is also pretty good for 2-up riding too.

    If you want to discuss this more, drop me a pm and I'll tell you what I know.


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    1996-2003 Gixxer 750s. They have a nice wide back seat. Comfy AND lots of storage underneath.
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    My ZX9R is decent for 2 up riding.

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    ZX-9R's are decent, but not for long distances. A day ride here and there was do able for my gf's at the time. VFR etc is better.
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    In my opinion the "best" sportbikes are still compromises for two up riding: they can never compete with real sport tourers like FJR's, Triumphs etc.

    Having said that: my wife and I are around our 50's: definitely long past the spring chicken stage. We have pretty much always had sportbikes (or what passed as such in the seventies and onwards).

    In 2004 we bought a K4 GSX-R750 and found it reasonable for two up riding: did upwards of 400km per day on occasion. But we did decide that we wanted something a bit more comfortable so we sold that late in '05 with the intention of test-sitting on a number of bikes at the Vancouver bike show and then get something more suited for two-up longer-distance riding. Frontrunners initially after much reading of reviews and tests were the BMW K1200S and the Yamaha FZ1.

    So after sitting on a number of bikes we ended up buying.... a K6 GSX-R750! Not very clever, are we? The closest runner-up for us was a CBR1000RR. And we still end up doing 400+km per day. Note that neither of us are huge but neither of us are small either: both an inch or so shy of 6 feet. It just so happens that the Gixxer seems to fit our proportions well.

    And that is the key. I do not think there is any one bike that can be said to be the best for all builds: the two of you need to go from bike to bike to see which one fits you best.

    Note that Frank at North Shore Suzuki had spacers made up for the back footpegs of our bike: dropped the pegs about 1/2" and moved them forward another inch. While this seems minor it actually made quite a difference (according to my wife).

    I would also suggest something at least around 750cc because of the better lower down torque: makes two-up riding less of a chore if you have a bit more grunt.

    Alone I have done around 800km per day more than once. And while your butt does end up not on speaking terms with your brain at the end of the day I did not find it that uncomfortable.

    Bottom line? Get a short-medium list of contenders and go and try them on.

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    i can't imagine any sport bike being better than what you have right now.

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    It's all relative. You can't really get great comfort 2-up and be able to ride long distances ON a sportbike. My bike, while comfier than an r6 or something, is still not ideal for long rides.

    You have to go either one way or the other... the best compromise would be something like a VFR which can rock the twisties and still do the distance.
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    My FZ1 is comfortable for long rides and still has decent power.

    Corbin makes an aftermarket seat with a backrest - which I have but haven't ever used - that could make carrying a passenger even better. You should get a shortlist of recommended bikes and then go stat-hunting and look for reviews. You'll fall in love with one of them.
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    If you are riding 2up 90% of the time, get a ST1300 or FJR1300.

    If you are riding 2up 10% of the time, save some dough and stick with the SV..

    She will not be comfortable for long distances on a sportbike. You can sit on mine on Thursday night if you want. I will take you for a little spin
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    Quote Originally Posted by kismet View Post
    Goldwing with suspension work.
    And a few other mods ....
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkydiveSonic View Post
    Holy FACCCKKKKKK!!!! I want one, not red though.
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