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    Cool Aftermarket signal lights

    I got a question for those who replaced OEM signal lights/tail light to aftermarket signal lights/integrated tail light. Did you have to get a relay module to function correctly? Because I heard without the relay module those aftermarket lights flash too fast or too slow; obviously you can tell it's not flashing normally. If you do have aftermarket lights installed, please specify which brand it is too. Thanks.

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    if you replace with a standard incandescent type bulb (the ones with the inside filament) they flash normally cause that's the type of draw the system is designed for. if you replace with LED's, most either come with a built in resistor to slow them down and accept proper current or they supply you with a set of resistors to install. my CLear Alternatives integrated tail light came ready to go with resistors installed. plug and play. my undertail came with a resistor per side to install. not quite plug and play but pretty darn easy. hope that helped.
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    You can get relays to adjust the signal rate (even produce patterns etc if you like), but as said most aftermarket signals come with a set of resistors to wire in parallel to the signal. Just be careful of where you place the resistors as they can get pretty warm.
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    i have the watsen ones
    they came with the resistors, but i chose not to install them

    the blink rate is a bit faster, but personally I like it blinking quicker

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