Paint my Bike! (And no Borderline isnt Available)
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Thread: Paint my Bike! (And no Borderline isnt Available)

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    Paint my Bike! (And no Borderline isnt Available)

    Hi guys im looking for someone to prep and paint my bike. Just need a tank, front fender and a rear tail all one color. Tank has a small ding smaller then a dime that needs to be repaired and the tail has a crack that needs to be repaired. Can anyone recommend someone...not looking for A+++ work here, but want it done properly. Bikes not worth a million dollar paint job....

    Dont have the tools or room to do this myself

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    PM Lizard928S I think thats his name on here... he can direct u to a decent shop in the richmond area...

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    daytona has a painter that does small pieces and hes really good ,try leedem but hes mad busy

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